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Emma Watson in Oxford [April, 15]

She might be the star of a billion-pound movie franchise, the new face of cosmetics giant Lancome and have a place at an Ivy League university, but there was nothing glamorous about the way Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, spent her 21st birthday.
The gamine actress, who has taken a break after 18 months at Brown University, in Rhode Island, U.S., spent her special day wandering the streets of Oxford, dressed down in a tracksuit - showing her sense of fun with the number 21 emblazoned on the back of her top.

And, despite having more than £10 million in the bank, privately- educated Emma's only luxury was a spot of thrift shopping at The Ballroom, a second-hand clothes shop which sells items such as a dinner jacket for £15.

Mind you it's not all economy, for Emma is quietly building up a collection of modern jewellery.

She has recently been seen emerging from Mayfair boutique jewellers Wright and Teague, owned by the parents of her Harry Potter co-star Bonnie Wright.
Source: Dailymail

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Kdo chce může Emmině popřát

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Víc se na net nedostanu,a to jen na 15min. takže sb pozasatvuju na rok


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Nebudu navštěvovat SB zatím,uvidí se cco dál

Emm Paparazzi

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